Once upon a time there was a man, who felt lost and forgotten by the whole world – the only one who cared of him was this guy behind the counter, the one with the drinks.

He drained one glass after the other. Minutes were followed by hours of drinking and a plenty time later everything around him was wrapped into a tight veil. Shadows surrounded him as he sank into a dream, a deep dark dream. He entered a place, strange as heaven and hell had collided and melted into something he has never seen before. Soon he recognized, that i wouldn´t be easy to get out of this place and to wake up again – alive. Welcome to the worlds of Blitemare – the black and white Nightmare.

And now it´s up to you. Be a hero, solve countless puzzles, jump and run over sticks and stones and get out of this strange place between the world of the mortals and.. the other side. Play togehter with your friends on split-screen-mode or over internet. But watch out, something terrible hides in the dark.


Blitemare will be soon available for download on these platforms:
- Playstation 3 (PSN)
- Xbox 360 (XBLA)
- PC & Mac


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BLITEMARE - close up and in detail

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Tricky Jump & Run and more

Lead this poor soul back into light. Flee from monsters, perform heroic jumps over deep and dark abysses and solve unsolvable riddles.

The unknown awaits you

A world, as you´ve never seen before, full of riddles, mystical tales and beings. Things you´ll wish that you have had never get to know them. Enter a world of nightmares – your black and white nightmare.

Collect items to increase your highscore

Fight yourself through the ominous gardens of Blitemare and prove your ability in soul-salvaging. The faster, agile and smarter you are, the higher will your score be.

Discover the book of life

Blitemare tells a story of a simple man´s life, as it turned into something strange. Confront yourself with the essential questions of life and find out more about yourself.

The special way of laughing

We do like to be serious – really! There are serious monsters, serious traps, serious riddles, serious stories. Blitemare is just like life itself – a serious game with a pinch of unsuitable humour.

Become king of the scores

Every won meter between you and the monster, every rescued soul and each perfect taken abyss counts for your personal highscore – so prepare for an epic challenge. Make your friends jealous and share your scores and awards with your mates on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Online Multiplayer

Discover together with your friends the thwilighted world of Blitemare via internet or challenge them in additional online-competition-levels.

Chill out on the couch with friends

Split-screen is in again! Play Blitemare in a small and comfortable circle of your friends or your family on one screen – fun guaranteed!

Play it on the platform of your choice

Times are gone as your friends had games, which didn´t work on your gaming-platform or were simply not available. Blitemare is soon published for PlayStation3, Xbox 360, PC and mobiles.

Mystic-athmospheric soundtrack

Special unheard compositions of an famous Austrian musician escort you on your journey through these fields between life and death. Discover the exclusive Blitemare-soundtrack and let it pull you into worlds beyond imagination.